Alyssa and Zachery

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Our Story

Alyssa and Zach first met as classmates in the Notre Dame MBA program. While they started the program as just friends, Zach’s mother would always point Alyssa out in pictures. Neither of them would have guessed at the start of the program that they had met the person they would end up building a life with. Even as friends, being paired together on numerous group projects, Zach and Alyssa always found they had fun joking around and giving each other a hard time. It did not take long for sparks to fly and for Zach to ask Alyssa on their first date. Zach pulled out all the stops on that first date with dinner from Corndance, winning over the heart of not only Alyssa, but also her dog Avey, who was treated to her own filet mignon. The rest was history.

Zach proposed to Alyssa on the morning of New Years Eve 2018 at Disney’s Epcot Park on a private terrace with family watching from afar -- and a few cheering restaurant on-lookers. Zach was so nervous that day, trying to sneak the bulky ring box inconspicuously through security at the park, almost having his cover blown by a very thorough entrance guard. Alyssa of course took off some of the pressure providing her own dose of awkwardness, being super concerned that they were not supposed to enter the roped off area and then excitedly snatching the ring right out the box to put on her own finger -- leaving no time for the photographer to even capture the moment real time. The night ended in celebration with a private fireworks viewing in the same spot where Zach had proposed earlier that day. It was certainly a proposal neither of them will forget!

Since that day, Zach and Alyssa have continued to build a life together full of laughter and love, this past June buying their first home together in Michigan -- fulfilling Zach’s lifelong dream of living on a lake. They are both so excited to celebrate this next big step toward a lifetime of support and commitment with their family and friends! (Photos on website courtesy of OMG Photography)